This is what’s going on in my apartment

So my tripod finally arrived and noticed it shipped from Indiana which would take no more than couple hours to drive there from Chicago. Some how it took almost a week but the good thing is that I finally have it and I can start my thing going. I set up all the light sources I have for the video as it shown on the picture. As I expected, it was not enough lights to get the quality I want. Now I’m debating myself on either spending couple hundred dollars for photography kit or just find way to work around it. The biggest problem I have now is the shadow come from poor lighting set up. I have noticed before when I worked on 3D stuffs that lighting set up is very important and difficult and now I get the same feeling again. I will do some more research to see if I can save couple hundred dollars for things that I probably going to use once.
Anyways, I feel relieved for finally getting started again on my project.

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