Gray-gray My cat – Goodnight sweet boy!

I dreamed early this morning about my ‘gone walk-about’ cat Gray-gray.

His beautiful geen eyes shining happily in contrast to the block colour of his mid-grey fur.

He was sniffing his older sister cats;  Pokey the honey-comb & black tortoise-shell, and

Evie and Trina.  The dream closed and I fell back into a deep sleep.

My outer mind is trying to understand what this dream is saying!

It’s 9.30 in the morning, I am wide awake – and I have just remembered and recounted the dream to husband!  Those older, sister cats, had already passed on;  so I believe that this dream is like an email to my heart saying, that our Gray-gray has passed away. I sit here typing with tears pouring down my face, not sad, not happy either – just mourning my Gray cat. I miss him so much! I couldn’t let myself miss him, until I knew where he was. Now, I know!!

I’ve always had dreams about my cats. It’s like an inner telegraph service which tells me either, where they are or how they are. Same goes for my family members: children, brothers, sisters, parents. Everyone that I love!!

OK!  It’s done!  My Gray-gray cat is safe, he’s gone to his creator.. ;D

I so miss you beautiful boy!


Your Mummy xxx

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  1. Sorry about your cat, now I miss him!’m allergic to cats, otherwise I would have one, I love cats, I feel that they are what I was meant to be. I have irrational fears and meow a lot, just like a cat!

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