We’re Looking At A New Place To Live!

This entry is filled with pictures! I really like this place; it has room for our 2 big dogs, it has a double garage and a workshop which hubby will love. It’s a 2-bedrm, compact space. I have designated what was formerly the front lounge room, as the Main Bedroom – since there are only 2 of us, and OUR lounge will be part of the dining room, and the back deck! It obviously gets alot of sun, it’s close to the amenities and the food!! So, why not! One bedroom has to be the “junk” room; where all the odd bits of furniture which don’t fit in right now, go to rest – and one bedroom is for guests. It’s for rent at the moment – at $170 per week, which is pretty good, and the Wanganui River is only a block away, (A 5 minute walk away!) Hubby and I love this city and this river!


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