You know that feeling when someone has been your friend for a really long time and you would even trust them with soemthing that is most precious to you and they just “aren’t interested in you anymore” and have enough of you? It sucks. So I have this guy that is almost my best friend. And yesterday evening he basivally just said to me that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore, no that he can’t be friends anymore, because he’s found someone better. Ridiculous right? I’ve cried all night long. While I should be happy and should be packkng for my trip to England next week. I think he doesn’t even know how much he hurt me. How could you say something like that? Hi. I’ve found someone better so we can’t be friends anymore. Ridiculous. Should’ve been shopping yesterday, though. It’s funny how some people just act like you’ve never known them. You know what’s the funniest? That person, who’s better than me? Yeah. That’s my best friend.  Just the way he hugs her when he knows that I’m looking at them. That guy is sick. What his ‘oh-so-good-reason’? My home situation.  He says he can’t handle it. HE CAN’T HANDLE IT?!  what about me? I’m the person who has actual problems at home. Asshole. I’m sorry for my language. I’m really sorry.



One thought on “Trust”

  1. Forget him, if he can dump you like that so easily, he isn’t worth your time! He is an asshole, you’re the Coolest Girl in the whole wide world!(Starkid reference!)
    I’m sorry you’re sad, have a virtual hug! And a virtual cupcake! And if you want, give me his address, and I’ll put itching powder in his underwear!
    Stay strong, it’ll get better

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