I Have A Life Of Miracles…

Above: Issys daddy as a pre-teen, and his sister, my 2nd daughter who  now lives in Wales with her hubby!

All I need to do is concentrate on today. The past has passed.

I can’t change it or re-arrange it; and neither can you, so I’d say;

“Lets leave it alone, eh??”

Today, has enough problems and challenges to occupy

my/our attention without looking backward at something

which is dead, or even forward to something which does

not yet exist. Whether we try to look back or forward, we

will ONLY ever see today. Everything else is imagined!!

Is this why I/we write diaries?? So that we can have witnesses

of whatever has transpired in our days, nights, lives, times????

For my part, I write my diaries for my mokopuna, (grandchildren,)

whether that’s just Issy or perhaps Dylan will have other children:

I can’t say, all I know is that One day, on planet ‘earth,’ I will meet

and hug this particular mokopuna of mine. No, I’m not pining for

the moon! I was given visions/ dreams in the night, of this child

TWO years before she was born! Then, confirmation of her very

existence came to me, two years after she was born! It was also

the news which brought reconcilliation between the daughter in

Wales and myself.

My little Issy was already purposed to be a major blessing to her

granmare, even though she doesn’t know me yet! I hope that one

day, Summer, (Issy’s mummy,) will remember that I am Issy’s other

granma, and get in touch with me!

Till then, I can wait! (I don’t wait with just Hope! I also wait with

confidence that,” He who has begun a ‘good thing’ in ME, will

complete it!” … “and He will, He will!! clap,clap,clap!!”


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