October 7th, 2013

I hate when you’re sick and I’m unable to do anything about it. I just want you to wake up and feel okay but you don’t and it sucks. I don’t like when you’re in pain, because it affects me emotionally and it becomes bigger than it should. That’s only because you mean that much to me to the point where I let it get to me too much. You honestly mean everything to me and I don’t think it’s that harsh or anything, but I don’t want to ever lose you, both physically and emotionally. You’ve practically been my rock for this past month and I’m so glad you’re here for me as much as I need and maybe even more. You keep me sane (actually) and you tend to calm me down more than anyone. This also ties in with how we basically talk about anything and everything together. You’re my number one, first person to go to whenever I have good or bad news. I think we are both still kind of shocked with how easily we opened up to each other, but I don’t regret it one bit. Somehow I managed to trust you completely with everything I have. I don’t care what any of my friends says about you to try to pull me away, it’s not gonna work. You’re in my life now and I’m not gonna let that change, especially while you mean everything to me. Yesterday you sent me a perfect amount of messages while I was at school and they made me so happy. When I was in gym all pissed off and upset she kept asking if I needed her hug and I said I needed your hug, not hers. If you could tell, I immediately texted you too, because even though you weren’t in school, you still have the ability to calm me down and help me feel okay. Of course I’m dying to hug you and feel you super close to me. I love how much our hugs show each other how much we care. Even if we are hugging just to hug, somehow as soon as you wrap your arms around me, everything around us literally just disappears. Somehow a random hug turns into, “I love you,” roaming around in my head constantly. I miss you kissing me too. I want to feel your lips and face against mine, and even though that seems like just kiss to everyone around, we both know it’s so much more. I’ve never fallen that in love with someone simply by kissing them, so you’re extremely special.

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