October 8th, 2013

You’re absolutely amazing and I’m still trying to figure out how much I need to emphasize that for you to actually believe it. (I’m trying not to repeat myself.) I can honestly say that in the little time we’ve been talking, that I love you, and I don’t have a problem admitting it either. The way that you smile and look at me just proves that I’m not alone with that thought either. Seeing you smile makes me overly happy knowing I can do something so great for you without extreme effort. Don’t even get me started with your eyes. AHH, they’re perfect and they mesmerize me although I try not to show it. I could look into your eyes for hours and not get bored. This connects to how studying every part of you is basically my job. Not in an odd or weird way, pretty innocently actually. I want to know you inside out and head to toe. I want to know everything you love, everything you hate, your past, your future, your flaws, your all time favorite song, and I also want to find out the reason. I want to know how you act when every emotion is thrown at you, I want to know your habits, pet peeves, and so much more, but most importantly I want to know you. You could probably say that I already know you, but it’d take months, or maybe even years to figure out every inch of you. I’m willing to do that, however, because so far what I know is pretty damn perfect, and I’m dying to find out the rest. Anyways, I really hope you’re feeling okay. I love you, sleep well, and pretty pretty please feel better baby. <3

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