It’s Raining….. beautiful Rain!!

What a gorgeous day it’s been! No, I haven’t slowed down yet! Have just sat down after making dinner for myself; husband stands on otherside of island bench and we talk while we prepare our own small supper. He had ham and cheese on toast, I had a half fillet of salmon and cheese sauce;  just yummy!!

Today, we awoke to the beautiful sound of rain on the roof, and it’s been raining on and off all day! I’m thrilled with that cause I still do NOT have a garden hose, and I need to bucket water to all my plants!, but since it has rained and been chilly, my plants and particularly the roses are smiling at me!! Some of the buds, especially the Gruss en Aachen is/are beginning to colour up…. so I reckon we’ll have blooms by the end of the month!

Oh joy!! Now, since I had been expexting rain for the last 3 weeks, I had put aside my sewing to complete all the tasks I can’t do when it’s wet.(I am such a smart cookie!!) …and since it rained today and probably will tomorrow also, I have been sitting here at the other end of the table, sewing! Re-sizing waistlines of  my shorts and trousers, sewing the side curtains for the lounge, and tomorrow I shall complete those new “knickers,” I mentioned about a month ago! I have lost alot of weight since the beginning of August; I can tell  ’cause my large buttocks now fit into size 12, (size 8 in the US,) capri pants, and I have had to pull in the waistband & sides of my jeans.(A mammoth task!) 

I have wrapped Nad & Jays’ gift to my mummy; I just need to get  a longish thin box to put our gift in. It’s Chinese shade hat, which folds down to the size of a medium paper fan. It’s made of light bamboo and the lightest fabric, printed with daisies and calendula on a cerise & black background. When it opens to form the hat – it’s quite large. I shall get a photograph of my mum wearing it! It’s supposed to be for her when she’s pottering in the garden, and I have yet to buy a matching rice paper fan, so that she doesn;t get overheated! I talked to my sister Gloria last week, about how all the arrangements for the 80th birthday party were coming along, and we spoke of how Mum was. This was supposed to be a “Surprise birthday Party,” but with 26 grandchildren and 10 greats, someone was always going to, ‘let the cat out of the bag,’ so to speak!! She’s still going strong though!

Glore says about mum; she has alot of problems but Alzhiemers is Not one of them, and Her problems are usually her own children!! She has a razor sharp tongue and a quick wit! Aahh! Same old, same old!

My favourite radio station is doing a week of playing songs from their library, in alphabetical order. I have heard some songs which I haven’t heard since I owned the albums 40 years ago! The Canadian group, ‘The Guess Who,’ and the song Albert Flasher. Remember, they did the original American Woman…and ‘The Sweet’ with Fox On The Run. I just love all of the Dire Straits songs, I am in love with Mark Knopflers voice! This marathon began on Monday morning, and it will probably last till Wednesday next week.  The records are played back to back, and they are all re-mastered vinyl records or albums. Better retention of sound, they say! It’s true. I have a handful of remastered albums, and the sound and quality are light-years ahead of CDs, Tapes, or any other kind of medium.

Anyway, that’s been my day. Bon soir all!

Emmi xxx





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  1. i love reading your journals:) Good for the rain for your flowers. Did you get the house you wanted? I think that was you:) Have a good weekend:)

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