October 10th, 2013

I love you, I love you, I love you… Soooo much baby. I honestly love what we have together. I’ve never had this with someone else. l don’t wanna say ‘innocent’, but you’ll know what I mean. I’ve never had a sexual Skype call so innocently. It’s always been so boring and annoying, and I’d only do it to “please the guy.” But now I feel like with you, we are pleasing each other and I actually really enjoy it. You make it special for me, but like I’ve mentioned before, it’s because it’s with you. I know you can’t come to school. As much as it sucks, I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on the typed that we are together instead of dwelling on when we aren’t. I feel like that would improve my mood. Not as much if you came to school, but it’s better than nothing. I’m going to fill my head with awesome thoughts of you like when we kiss, when we hug, your smile, the look in your eyes, playing fun run together, and our night long Skype calls. Listen, I know you feel awful about not coming to school, but I  just want you to feel better. And if that means you don’t show up for a while, so be it. I just want you to feel okay. That’s all I want for you. So baby, I’m fine, stop your worrying please. I love you so so so much. Try to spam me, too? If your head is feeling okay though. Sleep well my love. 🙂 <3 :* :* :* muah muah.

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