Anger and Frustration


smilies/icon_mad.gif So this morning my aunt and I got to talking… and at points of the conversation I was close to tears and I was angry…Because I know the things she said to me were true. It has been hard to admit this to friends and/or family bc I just don’t know how to express it…don’t worry I will get to those points of that conversation in a moment. But that has been hard to admit to friends/or family has been that most of time I feel I don’t express my opinions to others that I back down in some way. Before you ask why, I have no idea why.
now points of that conversation
1. My mom and I’s relationship exactly isn’t good at all point blank. Why because I hold a grudge that I can’t let go and how I harp how she hasn’t ever been with me but she raised another child that wasn’t even hers.
2. My aunt told me this morning that i’m always using the words I can’t. I can’t do it. She thinks it’s because of the way my true mom raised me.
I guess parts of me are so scared that I can’t and backing down are me…
what do you do to change parts of you that have always been there

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