It’s Too Soon For Us!

I would still like to apply for this property, but as the title says, it’s too soon for us. I have contacted the agent, and she has a feeling that the person who wants to go into it right away, may not be there for very long….. possibly less than a year! I told her that that was fine because I am presently receiving care from a Specialist, and I won’t be free until June next year anyway! She says that she will keep my email address and get in touch should the place become vacant before next June.

 Hubby and I have always wanted to live in this city, since we fell in love with it one rainy day in 2003; 10 years ago. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to stay longer than a year, as we would dearly like to move back into the very North of the country, and raise cheese-making, milking goats, chooks and piglets! He is a farmer, so this is the kind of life he knows; and though he hadn’t seen a farm close up till he met me, he just took to the life and the busyness like a duck to water: as though he had always lived on a farm. All I know is that living in the city was slowly killing him! He did 10 years of training, working on various dairy farms, learning how to manage the stock, the feed, learning how to feed-out, calculate area of grass to head of cattle etc… how to run the sheds etc … but we will of course, downsize considerbly when we have our own little couple of acres of paradise!

We only want 3 goats, 1 dozen chooks and 2 or 3 piglets for 4 or so months! We’ll also need a couple of sheep to keep the grass down.  The goats will be milking goats, probably turning out  over 10 litres of milk each on a good day, so  that would be quite alot of milk, which I would need to make into cheese, butter, cream, give away as baby’s milk, use as drinking milk,  and freeze some for later use!

The chooks  would have a tractor, so they would get to forage on new ground every 3 or 4 days. And the piglets with be fattened especially for  our freezer, our neighbours, our friends & our childrens’ freezers!

So how would we make a living you ask? David has marketable skills! He could work part time for farmers in the area, he drives trucks, bull-dozers, tractors, combine-thingumys’, and mends taps, replaces washers, clears out sump pits, he’s not afraid to  dig up and sort out septic tanks. He’s everything a woman could want cause he scrubs up well, and looks wonderful in jeans and a T-shirt!

We really needed this break from farming to assess what we have learned, and where we can go to do what we want to do! Also, I needed to get my health sorted because moving every year was taking all the stuffing out of both of us!

We have one more year of this s-l-o-w life, then we will be able to switch to a slightly faster paced life!!

🙂 Emmi

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