Such A Beautiful Day…. my Roses Will Be In Bloom Soon!

The Rose Blooming month is November: but I have been out to restake my roses; Shrubs, Cimbers and Floribunda roses. This past week, a couple of very wild and woolley storms have dumped on us and blown ny baby rose plants about like shaken Raggedy Ann dolls, but thankfully, roses are tough resilient plants – and they were a little ragged, but all the baby flower buds which were in place last week, are still there, and there’s more colour in them, today! I can’t wait till the end of month, they will certainly all be in flower by then. I must get lithium batteries for the camera, everyone will want to see this blooming!!

My eldest baby and I are off to Akland next weekend, to see my 80 year old mother. She leaving her hubby in Wellington and I leaving mine in Carterton for the long weekend! I’m a little apprehensive about the visit; I haven’t been back there for 15 years, and I last saw my mum 8 years ago when my eldest baby married her Mal. in Wellington. Mum and my neice came down for the weekend and to attend the wedding. We were farming in Gladstone which is out back of Carterton, that year. Little did we suspect that 5 years later we would be back living right here in Carterton!

We spent 3 years in Taranaki, on the wonderful coast road, then 2 years down in Featherston before coming here. David and the dogs find it much better, even if it’s almost as hot as,  and certainly just as cold as Featherston! I love the house because it’s small, has two Loos, and it only takes a half hour to get everything ship-shape if we’re expecting company!

Used my new hose to water my plants this evening, so much better than bucketing water to them?! 🙂



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  1. Thanks very much! …and the Roses have just today, begun to flower. The first one this year has been that “blue rose,” which I take so many pics of: Veilchenblau, (Veilchi for short!) The whole plant should be in flower when I come home next Monday! 🙂 You have a brilliant week!!

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