I just know I need to vent before I can sleep. Why? Why does the tgught of you linger in my mind? When I’m at my weakest is when it gets to me the most, which of course it would happen at that time – it’s only fitting. You are my weakness. Mind, body, and soul. There is no escaping. I will forever be tied to you, and I will never know if that makes me crazy. I know you say you will also always feel that way but I know you so well and I know you’re so much better at coping than I am. Where is my strength, my happiness? I always thought these qualities would sky rocket once I finally let you go, but….no. All my favorite songs, my mind and heart tie you to them. I found you when I found who I wanted to be in life so you’re tied to everything. How can I possibly change that? I have no desire to change ME.


Forever and always….

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