My mom is doing it again. All I said was, “Gosh, Mom.” And then she started getting mad at me and saying that I shouldn’t start accusing her for something she didn’t do. And started kind of yelling at me. I hate when she does that. I didn’t mean to offend her, but when she does that to me it brings me down. She makes me feel unloved, not wanted, and like I don’t belong. Even like I was a big mistake that she made by having me. I lose my confidence that I have in myself. I hate it. I feel lonely, and I can’t even go to her and talk about.

2 thoughts on “Again”

  1. Maybe you could talk to a therapist, or schedule group therapy with your mom and other people and their moms. I think if you tell your mom to cease yelling at you when she’s mad, she’ll listen. I hope I helped a bit.

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