Papa Roach – Give Me Back My Life :)

Upon seeing these boys live in concert (AWESOME!) I am reminded so much of how easily I relate to their music. In my own ways these songs have taken on inspiration of a whole other kind. I love their earlier music, but some of their more recent stuff has really made me smile and sometimes just a little tiny bit, make me appreciate life a little more. Somewhat. The main underline is somewhat. Cause sometimes lets face it… life is shit! But we must drag ourselves on because maybe just one day – all hope, prayer and desire will collide into one and birth onto this darkened soul a new breath of the true meaning of life. Wow. After a joint, I’m pretty in depth here. Perhaps not making much sense, but it does to me. 🙂

^^^ Lyric video to Papa Roach ‘Give Me Back My Life

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