I’m A List Person!!

I have suffered badly with memory loss, an extremely short span of attention, am/was easily distracted: since I recovered from the car smash at 18, and so, to keep myself on track with what I’m doing and where I’m going during my days, I learned to write LISTS!!

My three children hated my lists… and there were heaps of lists concerning everything. The order of House-cleaning, and each room had it’s own list of “to do” things! Cooking and baking were easy coz recipes are already a list. Each wardrobe had a clothing list, which sometimes became meaningless, like when there were too many prs of jeans or trousers!! Never-the-less: lists have become a necessary part of my life. If I have a List, I can relax until it’s time to implement said, list! For example, my daughter has had our flight tickets to Akland, for a month. Soooo, a month ago I made a list of what was going to go into my carryall! That list has changed twice since I made it – BUT, I am relaxed, unfazed, unconcerned that I may have missed something because I know that I haven’t! I am well prepared for this little excursion because I have had time to make my list/s  and pre-pack most of my bag and now,  only 4 things need to be put in the carryall – AND, we’re done!

Meanwhile, I have a darling man who is hopeless at cooking, unless one wants to live on overcooked eggs and reheated baked beans on toast!! So I shall make a beef mince pie in a small baking dish, make certain there’s tomato sauce in the cupboard, and have slices of ham for him to make a sandwich with cheese or pineapple! There’s cereal in the cupboard, bread, milk, coffee and sugar…… that’ll keep him topped up till I get home on Monday! The dairy which sells fresh milk is only a 3 minute walk away. My husband does not voluntarily, eat anything that’s green! So I have to sneak green stuff into meat pie mixtures, bolanganse meat sauces, cornish pasty mixtures! He’s the funniest, darlingest man. Half adult/half boy even at 45 years, and I wouldn’t trade him for all the so called, sexiest men in Hollywood!!  We have always wanted the same things; a warm loving heart which was reserved only for us. That’s what keeps us together, is our exclusiveness to each other. Not just sexually, but also, our way of thinking, our responses, our priorities, even our silences …. especially our silences, our shared love of sport and music!

This past few days, we’ve done 2 nights in a row, just the way we did when we first got together twenty years ago!! The first night, Saturday… we watched an Antonio Banderras movie, which was full of fighting and explsions, then made hot and passionate love afterwards. (I completely forgot that I am being medicated for heart failure!) Hahahahaha!!! 

So, Sunday night, I put on my white, newly made fishnet knickers, and my white spaghetti-strap singlet, and lay in my darlings arms watching Johnny Depp & Angie Jolie in “The Tourist,” after which, we again made love: slowly and gently, finishing in a burst of passion!  We were absolutely astounded that we had just done 2 nights in a row. Last night I asked him if he wanted to try for 3 nights!  No, I didn’t think so either, so we decided NO MOVIE tonight! Hahahaha!

Who remembers going to late night movie shows, (we called it  ‘the pictures,’) just to make out! And I have to admit, I felt just the way I did then, only better … coz we get to consumate!!

🙂 Emmi 🙂

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  1. I just love your writing. And yes my husband and i met online and fell madly in love and have been married for 7 years. We were not a young couple when we met and it has been a awesome relationship and love at first sight:) When we dated i was 50 he was 39. We only dated for about 4 months and then marriage. And we both fall madly in love. We have so many things that we both like and do together. Sex is so so sweet with him and we always have date night once a week and sex at least if not more a week. We keep each other wanting and loving each other. I would not want any other man in the world but my sweet Scott:) It sounds like you are blessed with the love of your life and its a sweet,sweet thing. Good for you and here is to many more years with the love of your life:)

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