Misery Happy Birthday

well little to no sleep for last night….ah yeah might as well say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself…..what??? smilies/icon_surprised.gif I need something positive to do besides writing this entry for this day…. So I know sometimes I go days without writing or saying anything… I was never good at keeping a daily journal…Trust me I tried…but it is nice to have some way to vent …. So a friend told me last night on the phone….that i’m happy in my own misery … yes it’s somewhat true…sometimes I get tired of my own misery..my family says I thrive on negativity and misery…. but lately everything with my aunt has been nick picking…. and quite personally it is pissing me off…she doesn’t do it to her son….she wonders why my grandfather(dad) is always on her a** about her son getting a job…. maybe it’s her karma in a way for picking at me for stupid little s**t….. figured I might as well get that out there before I shed some blood…. just kidding or Am I???

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