Poem for David; We Could Be Lovers…

 For My Husband:




 We Could Be Lovers.        written  3 May 2010   – PATENTED




We could be lovers if you would walk with me


along the oceans’ shore,


into the glistening silver…


at distance’ further’st door.




  Our steps




  … measured & matching after years of adjusting,


  my steps to yours – your steps to mine.


Both hands in your pockets in that casual way


   my right hand curled into your left pocket hand.


Our feet silent on the virgin sand.




We turn and survey the distance we have walked.


Sand still damp, holds the imprint of our footsteps,


 for a while…..


We have come a long way, but


  there’s a long way yet, to go.




The distant tide is on the turn,






 a chilly breath of breeze ruffles your hair.


 I reach out a hand to touch the sliver-streaks


    just visible among the brown strands.






We turn again and make our way


   around the curve of ocean-bay, up


      the sand dunes, across the road, over


             the fence, in the days’ fading light,


              to our home.




You are my anchor, my safe harbour,


         my warm, my shelter from the storm.


 You hold me lightly, when I fly


       pick me up when I crash & cry, still


           your love is true. I bless that God gave


                     me to you.




















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