who’s gonna love me!?!?

So I’ve waited my whole life to feel loved…. I’ve loved.. And man was it hard. Nine years of my life In love with a man i would eventually hate enough to spit in his face.. Yesss i did that! Right after he put his hands on Me. He showed me what it is top be truly hated by somebody. I’ve been thinking these last 5 days. Like. When was he every happy with me? Ha! Probably never but I’ve almost always been happy with myself life was never meant to be a piece of pie.sweet warm or comforting. That’s what love is…. Yea. Love is everything giving sharing sacrificing to make that person your in love with feel that special feeling you have for them one day soon i suppose I’ll feel that but right now I’m just another girl full of love and noone to give it to

3 thoughts on “who’s gonna love me!?!?”

  1. I found it:) It took me till the age of 50 to find my soulmate:) I am so blessed to have found it. He is the most amazing man. I am completely loved in all things. Like lunylove say’s your time will come:)

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