Down the Rabbit Hole

Ok, So I have been plundering through my fitness board on Pinterest and there are SO many different “challenges” that I really don’t know where to begin. Butt, (pun-intended) I think I will start with the one area of my body that I detest, My Derriere. 30 Days of squats. Each day I increase these squats until I am up to 250 squats. 

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Now, just to give a visual, I am all of 5’4″ & weigh 150 lbs (not my highest weight, but not my happy weight either). Measurements:

Calf: 14.25

Thigh: 23

Hips: 40.25

Waist: 38

Chest: 39

Smallest Part of midsection: 31.5

Here we go, Lets see if squats will help to reshape, lift and define my other-wise pancake-esque backside. I’ll post more on my eating and other exercises.

And to mark the fall weather celebration, I made healthy pumpkin protein muffins!


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  1. I’m trying to get rid of my paunch and my butt. * mutters about needing to squat more often*.
    I’m dieting too, so I wish you luck. And welcome to the journal!

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