4 thoughts on “like other days”

  1. Ok California Dream do you drink a lot? Do not let booze take you over. Let it be a occasional thing. the only reason I say this is I had a boyfriend years ago that was a alcoholic and his whole life fell apart.We lived together for 8 years and I got to see first hand what it could do. Not saying that you are going to become a alcoholic or anything like that.
    Just like you as a person and would hate to see you hurt yourself. One friend to another and just care:)

  2. thanks for worrying about me. you don’t have to worry about that. I would never let booze take me over. I have goals to achieve and things to do on life. Compare to that, alcohol means nothing to me. I just enjoy spending time with my friends.

  3. Don’t be mad at me:)Just think your a awesome person and would hate to see anything happen to you.Have a good Sunday:) I guess i should keep my big mouth shut:)

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