Pain pills ugh no normal daily habit today

I have been in and out of pain all day today…. So I have been pretty drugged up but managed to fight the drowsiness off….Every time I take pain killers I get boost of energy and I love and hate it at the same time… So I done some major rearranging of the living room to make a quarter of living room sort of my own domain…yes, I hate not have privacy or not having my own room to run and sort of escape from people….Also cleaned the kitchen, wiped down the dining room table…dusted the living room, swept the hallway and the bathroom, gathered the trash, made myself breakfast which is weird cause I normally don’t eat breakfast but had to have something on my stomach before I took the medication. I also done 4 loads of laundry…All I want to do now is sleep but I need to go take a bath and clean the kitchen again because of dinner dishes… I bet I sleep like a baby tonight after a warm bubble bath and some sleeping medicine to knock me out….

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