Rough Take-off; Smooth Landing!

Oh! I am EXHAUSTED after that 3-day weekend!

From 5.55am Saturday morning, when my alarm went off – till 9.15pm, Monday evening when I sat down to supper with my darling, after walking in the front door, and heading straight into the shower!! I am Soooooooo…… not adept at travelling ‘Super-city,’ speed. As I have mentioned before, I haven’t been back there for 15 years. Our flight was supposed to leave Wellington at 2.35pm, didn’t leave till half an hour later, thus arriving in Akland at 4.05pm instead of 3.30pm. Flying in or out of Wellington can put a person right off flying for life: it isn’t called ‘Windy Wellington,’ for nothing!! Let me tell you, it was a large aeroplane, carrying over 300 passengers, but those Antartica southerlies are something to be reckoned with! My daughter Sonna, said she had never experienced such turbulence before, (she who flys around the country with her job,) while I had been expecting it because, whenever I have flown in or out of Wellington, it’s been like: “Welcome to the tumble drier!!” ( … and I’ve only flown in or out a handful of times!) The occasion must have seen me coming, eh??

My sister who is a year younger than myself, and my mum – were waiting at Air NZ “luggage claim” for us! It was lovely to see them. We grabbed our two backpacks after greeting them, and headed out the terminal doors. Sonya stopped and asked me, “Ooo, what is that strange sensation? —- Aah! warmth, of course!”:D We laughed with relief! Mum & Glore, (sister,) took us to Denny’s in Manukau City, and we had an early supper at 5pm, rather than go home and cook! Then we drove leisurely through the back of Manukau, Takanini, Papakura along the rural back roads, to Clevedon Rd, Papakura, and 7 minutes later, were turning in at mum’s gate! Two of my brothers were there to greet us!

What a lovely evening spent catching up on 15 years. Oh! We’ve talked on the telephone, but one of my brothers named, Poata, (paw – ah – tah – means “Evening,”) I haven’t seen since 1987, when he & his family moved to Oz! That’s 36 years! And my baby brother who is 32 yrs old, I haven’t seen since he was 17! Do we live on the same clump of earth? Yes we do, but David & I have been establishing our marriage, and family interference is one of the biggest causes of marriage breakdown. So we had learned to keep well away from both our families. I have 7 other full brothers & sisters, I am the only one who is married, although, 2 brothers have died and 1 of them died, (after 29 yrs of marriage,) due to a diabetic condition! The other five siblings, are all divorced.

Sunday morning, we decided to go see my Uncle, at the markets in Panmure. At 78, having been a widower for 9 yrs, he’s looking decidedly fragile, but he says he has to do something, so he sells bundles of clean watercress, and bags of vegetables, carrots, potatoes etc… for a dollar each. His sons go out and pick the watercress, and the vegetables, while he cleans and packages the goods. then another son takes him to the market place, sets up his sales booth with the goods, and he sells, because he has regulars who buy from him every week! As we were leaving, he said to me, “I may never see you again!” I almost burst into tears, I know he’s serious because he has a specialists’ appointment at Middlemore Hospital next week. He knows how much of an effort it is to keep going, particularly without Aunty Marley. Even my mother is is feeling the same way, but she’s” wahine toa,” is my mum. A strong woman!!

Sonya and I have had some good conversations since the weekend! She sees the behavioural patterns in the 2 generations before her, and she reckons, ‘that’s what I’ll be doing in 20, to 40 years!! She’s almost 40 now, my beautiful girl! I am SOooooo blessed to have such a soft-hearted loving daughter. I am so proud of her. Yes, she’s accomplished alot, but better than that, is the lovely person she has become. Her husband and friends adore her, as do David and I.

Strawberry yoghurt ice-cream in a cone! One of the highlights of our weekend! ;D

Emmi 🙂

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  1. Glad to see you made it back in one piece from the airplane ride. Also what a lovely family and good times with love ones. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and one sister died of lung cancer at the age of 45. Even though you love seeing family there is no place like your own home sweet home.

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