Fascinator Shades In The Sunlit Garden!

above: Daughter Sonya trying out the ‘fascinstors’ on display in a discount store.

When I arrived in Akland, to visit my mum, and some of the siblings, I was aware that I had just 48 hours to spend “quality time with all 4 people,” so I knew that I would need to get my skates on, to do this! I spent the last 2 hours of both days, sitting on the recliner in my mums’ room, talking with her. Sonna & I slept in my sisters room, so we got to talk before falling asleep, plus she and I prepared the meals – I made home-made museli, enough for 3 days…. that 1st morning: and homemade bread for lunch as well as Bread & Butter Pudding for our supper that evening!

Sat out in the sunshine for 2 hours, talking to my brother whom I had not seen in 36 years. He told me about the massive heart attack he’d had while in Australia, and what happened to his marriage after that …etc! We talked & talked for ages. He asked me if I still went to church, I said NO! Then I told him that I had found the Truth which I had been searching for all of my adult life, and I had NOT found it in the church; so I no longer needed to go to there, where everything which doesn’t align with their particular interpretation of scripture, is considered Error!

Now, was the time to work, to use that Truth to serve others in my community in which-ever way was needful! He said that he’d found the same, and now the only thing he really needed was to be able to speak clearly! (I know what he’s going through, I have been there, with the speech impediment thing!)  It’s OK! It’ll come: his clearness of speech will return! He’d gone out earlier in the morning to buy Carrot Cake,( he knew that I love it!), so he offered me a cup of coffee and a slice of carrot cake!

We went to my baby brothers’ place – he’s 32 yrs old, for a lunch-time barbeque. It was gorgeous! Lettuce, tomato, avocado, grated carrot, cucmber salads – and beef chops and sausages, home-made bread!  We seem to have spent the whole weekend eating!! On our way home from visiting my uncle on the Sunday afternoon, we stopped in at the Ardmore Strawberry Farm where they make their own ice-cream with their own fresh strawberries. Yum-yum!

It’s taken me 4 entire days to realign my insides, my eating habits, foods etc… entirely ruined by visiting my family! You see, I only eat foods which create heat once a fortnight, and only a very little! It’s not good for my body as heat in the furnace gives rise to inflammation in certain other places! The lymph nodes, the major organs, the uterus especially: so I have found that all is quiet, if I eat “cooling foods,” which settle, soothe and quiet the body. Stiil, it was a lovely visit!

Due to that visit, I have found that – I miss the “north!” I miss the warm air – the way things grow so strongly, I miss the vibrancy of the blue skies, the warm rain and the sparkling air. No! The air does not sparkle in Wairarapa. We are on the otherside of the Tararua mountain range. It’s basically a valley. Anyway, we (David & I,) have decided thar next year we will move north. My only uncle at 78, misses me. I know that at the moment he is only counting what he does not have anymore! He has 2 sons around him, a grand-daughter who loves him, and a great grand baby named after his late wife …. but, it’s not the same is it!

Well, I want to take one thing off the list. I want to be near him and if he’ll let me, I’ll care for him and his home – and the grand-daughter if she’s going to stay with him with the baby! It’s time to put that precious diamond of truth into action and the first place to start, is with my family!

Now we need a job to go to – and a place to live! Uhmm …. food for thought!

Emmi 🙂

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