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So, as Paulo Coelho said in his 2013 Planner, writing is a powerful source humans have to let go worries, dream big, plan things.. The way I see it, it’s a way to talk to ourselves, to disconnect from reality, to learn from the things we do or think, but sometimes we do not dare to share with our friends, wondering what would they think, what imagine would they create of ourselves.. which is a silly thought cause real friends wouldn’t judge us.

“Escribir nos acerca a Dios y al projimo. Si quieres entender mejor tu papel en el mundo, escribe.

Trata de poner tu alma por escrito, aunque nadie lo lea o, lo que es peor, aunque alguien termine leyendo lo               que tu no querias.

El simple hecho de escribir nos ayuda a organizar el pensamientoy ver con claridad lo que nos rodea. Un                       papel y un lapiz operan milagros: curan dolores, consolidan suenios, llevan a recuperar la esperanza perdida.

La palabra tiene poder.

La palabra escrita tiene mas poder todavia.”

Paulo Coelho.

Thursday, here I am in an attempt to write a journal. Listening to Celtic Music in order to relax and trying to let go things that weight me down. It’s raining in Rosario, its kinda of a grey day, a little bit of sadness appears, and PMS does not help haha. Im all alone, my friends are busy with their stuff and Im really trying, trying hard for real to concentrate and study, first I have a midterm and then FINALS! But it is ok! Yesterday I fricked out when I saw finals dates but now that Im organized I feel a little bit more secure and I know I can do this! I dont know why I sometimes need someone else to tell me that I can so I believe I can, that someone has a name and a surname, but in here we re just calling him B.

B. I could dedicate a whole bunch of words, or a whole book to him. But all  I need to say (and now my eyes are teary) is that I love you (now tears streaming down my face, very coldplayish), I have loved you for quite some time now, and I dont know if my love for you will ever end. This is the very first time I fall for someone. I used to think that in order to “fall in love” one needed two persons. Now, I am convinced that one person can really and truly love someone with all of her/him(my) heart, even if that person doesnt love her/him(me) back in the same way. We are “friends” or ar least we’re trying to be. I hope we can be friends, good friends some day, and that this thing doesnt hurt anymore. I believe that I deserve true love. Not this.

Feeling better now! 🙂

Well, now I should stop writing and try to organice my life. I want to be a new me. Not a whole new me cause there are plenty of things I like about myself, this new me, means I commit myself to be better in the things Im good at, and try to improve myself in order to be a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend.

To anyone out there, if there is anyone out there reading this, hope you have a great day. Smile to someone you don’t know, watch a movie, tell a friend you love him/her.. and I will do the same. Remember you have a friend here! 🙂


Now, Im off to study and cleaning my app! Here is the youtube link for the music I was listening while I was writing this.


Love, Bel De Ange.

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  1. First Comment, YEAH!
    Are you a teenager, you don’t have to answer, I’m just a nosy nelly:)
    Also, where do you live?
    I’m your friend too, right 🙁
    Welcome to goodnight journal, it’s wonderful

  2. Hi LunnyLove! Thanks for your lovely comment sweety!!
    You re not noisy haha Im 23 years old! and I live in Argentina, Southamerica.
    Have u ever been here? Its really pretty!

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