4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I didn’t go trick or treating, I had homework, but I did keep all the Reese’s cups and peppermint patties! It started raining here too. I saw two 3 yr olds dressed as an owl and a cat. My dog also had fun meeting all the kids. My brother wouldn’t let me see his candy, as if I would take some;}! Happy Halloween everyone!

  2. I just stay home now with my 2 favorites guys my husband and Sprout and pass out candy. I am bummed we didn’t get one trick or treater. But my husband says that his favorite candy is peppermint patty.

  3. Hi there! Once again, thanks for your lovely note. This dog,has totally spoiled me for any other dog! He has set the bar so high, I don’t know that any other dog could match him! He really is like my child. He’s both my husbands and my very first dog…. so we have learned alot from him. He’s a NZ herding dog, especially bred to bark loud and run fast. Usually, they only last 13 years, but he will be 15 yrs old next month! I hope he makes it. We’re helping as best we can!
    Thanks again: we don’t do Halloween in NZ, but we do Guy Fawkes – with Fire Works on Nov 5, that’s today! 🙂 Emmi

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