In The Raw

Ok, So first off, I really should get better at writing and updating this thing. Countability and what not. But for the update, Im on day 8, my REST day. So far I can’t tell any physical improvement other than a sore behind. I am excited to see how it will all turn out at the end. I am already a very cautious eater and I always try to eat healthfully. However, I do love sugar and I do LOVE coffee. I’ve given up sodas and red meat no problem, but every now and again I need a swift kick in the A** to help me curb off sugar and coffee intake. So it is no surprise that I am a big fan of detoxes and cleanses. I know the “big thing” in cleanses is all about juicing. I, however, truly believe that it is not the healthiest way to detox nor the most efficient. Why waste all those wonderful fruits and veggies by only consuming their juice. Sure…its lower calories and yeah…its easier to mix fruit and veggies to create a tastier combination. BUT what about all the nutrients, extra fiber and vitamins in the skins and fibers of the produce? Say what you will, this is just my take on cleanses (oh, and fyi: juice cleanses are especially dangerous for us who are managing disordered eating…cutting out solid foods leads to cutting out a meal of juice here and there and snowballs into sustaining on water til you collapse..NOT pretty). Anywho, I am doing another cleanse. Starting MONDAY for anyone who wants to do it with me. It is really simple, actually. You can eat as much food as you want as long as it is a raw (meaning not cooked or modified in any way with no salts, seasonings or dips) and drink plenty of water. I already aim for 3 liters of water a day, so in addition to that Im upping intake through all this produce. In a normal cleanse, this would be all I’m allowed, but since I plan to work out and run while on this cleanse, I also allow myself one protein shake every morning for breakfast (protein powder and water-still no dairy). As stated earlier Im going to try harder to update more often, but especially during the cleanse I will update daily. This cleanse is 7 days long and is meant to help detox your body from the sugar/caffeine cravings. Weight loss is just an added bonus 🙂


***If you are doing this cleanse and have had disordered eating, I strongly recommend that you assess your current mental health before beginning. And if at anytime during the cleanse you feel like you might lose control to disordered eating, PLEASE STOP and seek counsel right away. And REMEMBER, you are BEAUTIFUL and this is about making your insides as healthy and vibrant as your unique personalities!

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