single and lonely

As you have guessed I’m single and yes lonely.

You know what they how you be in a room full of people and still fee lonely, well gyus you can…trust me.

I come from a large family, a close knit family but, at times I feel like there’s a part of me missing, like I,m one half of a couple. I am in the mid quarter of my life shall we say and yet I have to experience what love really has to offer. I still wander what parenthood feels like.


Have I had opportunities to remedy to affliction, well no not really. Should I stadt to use social media to find Mr Perfect? Is he out there screwing the pants off Miss Tarty? Most probably….hope she’s havingthe time other life.


Some one please respond.

4 thoughts on “single and lonely”

  1. Good things take time, isn’t that the saying? Someday your prince will come, just hang in there. Sometimes I feel lonely too, it’s okay, that’s why we talk to ourselves, right?
    I look forward to your posts in the future:)

  2. Hi LunyLove. Thans for your kind words.
    Believe it or not I’m usually a happy upbeat kinda person…
    I always turn my true feelings into a joke to hide protect myself…we all do it.

    I’m sure I’ll get over my current mood and enjoy the bounties taht life offers….

  3. I noticed on your other posts, you asked for feedback, and got none. And I just love commenting on everything(I love spreading my opinion!), so you can count on me! I believe that we should all help each other, because none of us have a clue how to survive this insane world.

  4. Hey where here you don’t have to be lonely:) We will respond and get back with you on due time:) I care also for people and I have lived a while now and i can tell you this your soulmate best friend lover and all around wonderful guy will come into your life. I have had my share of relationships and It took me till 50 years old to find my soulmate. We met online and its been 7 years of wonderful awesome marriage. So don’t rush and enjoy your life he will come. Always remember feel with your heart and not emotions:)

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