Overly lame and cliche that I am. ^^^

Do you still dream about me? I had another dream with you in it. To dream of such a passionate, loving intimacy with some one is something I just can not explain. One that is non-sexual, at that. The feeling of waking up next to a different person than you dreamed about, well I will just let you guess about the feeling of that.

I looked at a bunch of old albums of pictures of mine online ams there are so many fond memories. I ended up running across pictures of us together and I am just so amazed that you fell in love with me back then, I must have put some big spell on you lol. I wonder how apparent it was that I was still so young and that I would grow to be so much more beautiful, inside and out, then I was at that time. To me, I never could have foresaw it. That just really makes me miss and appreciate your love that you gave me so much more. You have such a good heart. I wonder what you are doing right now. Wish we could chat. I know you are happy though. <3

Good night

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