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I’ve been writing journals for as long as I can remember. I don’t really like to talk about how I feel so I find writing much easier. Plus i can write what I really think about people and not have to worry about them finding out 😛 . At first I’d write letters to a kid called ‘Kelly’ who was nine, had a great family and three dogs. I was kinda inspired after reading about Anne Frank. But after a while I grew out of it and decided keeping an ordinary journal was much better
So it’s my first year of college and I’m beginning to see what it’s like outside the four walls of my house. For one, there are lots and lots and lots of boys. My parents always had this strict rule about talking to guys and any guy who was hip, hot and listened to metal music was of the devil ! And for a long time I believed them. It’s kinda hard to agree with them now that i’m in a metal band . And most of the guys I’ve met so far are really nice. No fangs or claws there.
The first day of college was a blast! I immediately made friends with this kid who wanted me to help him translate one of his stories into English. I’ll bet it was just an excuse to get my number (which worked 😛 ). The following day I met Anita ( my new BFF) and few other interesting people. Things have been a huge contrast to my high school days.
In high school I was more of a loner. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything trendy so I always walked around feeling like a complete nerd. Somewhere along the way Padma found me and decided I needed a social make over. It was fun except for the fact that she obsessed with herself. I remember I had to ‘help’ her make this one girl pay for laughing behind her back. (So what! at least she didn’t laugh in your face). I can still remember the way she walked away from us crying her eyes out.
True, I lived behind her shadow for the next two years but at least I wasn’t invisible anymore. But once I left Kuwait and Padma I felt so exposed. I no longer had anyone or anything to hide behind. It was then that I realized that I had been nothing more than the Queen bee’s loyal assistant. Yeah I should hate her for doing that to me but I don’t. I actually thank her. She helped me see that I had to crawl out of my shell and start experiencing life.
Leaving Kuwait and coming to India was the push I needed to take that first step.
I haven’t tryed to form a clique or anything (totally against it!!) but I started letting people know that I was there. I still struggle with the old me who just wants to run and hide away and I still do feel intimated sometimes. But I don’t let that get the best of me.
And so far, i kinda like the ‘new’ me.
There! feeling satisfied and pumped to write more!
But not in one entry.

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  1. I’m Indian, and I must say I do not like it there, it’s too hot, and I understand very little of the language. Nice to meet you, I’m LunyLove, and I look forward to reading your future posts. You should read them and comment(no one else does :P).

  2. Welcome and you will love this site it is awesome:) Also some of us do comment and like to read the journals:) Of course Lunylove is the champion of writing comments:)

  3. I haven’t even been here that long, and already I’ve made a name for myself. Thank you, Sprout! Yeah, I love reading about other people’s miserable lives, it raises my self confidence:)

  4. @LunyLove thank you. story of my life! your right, it’s super hot out here but hoping to get used to it.
    @sprout22 thank you. So glad I found this site.

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