My World Is Lovely: Even Though…

… It’s coming Time For My Doggy Tip, To Move On!…

Sometimes, I get shaky: I don’t remember what it’s like to live without my dog, he’s so much a part of David and of me! He’s like OUR child! I have talked to him and David has sort of /kind of, trained him: but he has had the nouse to figure out what to do despite our humbuggy training!??

He came to me just 10inutes ago, and he hung his head…. he’s not enjoying anything but eating – and the meals are especially prepared by David, for him!  He has 1 tbsp grated ginger root, 1 section of grated fresh giant garlic, 1/2 a C of crushed pineapple – and 1/2 a C canned cat food, with milk. It’s all about reducing inflammation in his body, and lifting his energy level. These ingredients will do it!!

 I have spoken to him. whenever he comes to me, I tell him that it’s OK, if he decides to “Go,” cause he won’t go far. He’ll just transition into my and Davids’ heart, (our spiritual house,) permanently! At the moment, all action, planning etc… is suspended; and waits on our Tippy dog to decide, when we will leave Carterton. We know that his doggy body of flesh cannot come with us, so we wait….and we are happy to wait, for as long as it takes!!  That’s important for me and it’s important for him too! We really are mother and boy dog!!   BUT I LOVE!  That’s the main thing!

I love the dog, & I Love and Adore the man who owns him! Didn’t mean to write about this – wanted to write about the possibility of moving  North, to the lands of my forefathers and mothers. Thought about moving to Patea and Castlecliff, Wanganui, but there is a good deal of land movement and heavy seas, (they are both on the Tasman Sea coast,) so because we have no tribal or ancestoral connection to those lands, we have decided instead that we may head to the Far north od NZ, where I have tribal affiliations to almost ALL of the northern tribes and lands. I have hitch-hiked on all of the northern roads. My whole childhood, and except for the 3 yrs I was away at boarding school, all of my teenage years too, were spent in the far north! I know all the beaches, the bays, the forests where Tane Mahuta (the Giant Kauri tree), stands. My mountain, (it’s really just a lone hill,) Mt Putahi, and Lake Omapere at it’s feet! I drove 30 kms to Okaihau, every April to gaze on my valley, Waihou Valley with all the golden Poplar trees scattered against the dark green of native forest! Ngawha Springs, with hot healing mineral waters piped straight from the ground, to the pools. A million rotten eggs stench, but the waters truly heal sore backs, arthritis, aches and pains….! Whenever I have been cold while here in the south, I have closed my eyes and dreamt of laying back in those heated waters going, “bubble-blug-blug” around me while the heat seeps into my muscles and bones! I have seen pics of the damage done by developers in the last 30 years, cause that’s how long it’s been since I left there, but- – some of the landscape is still very much as it was when Iwas a child!  Mum and Uncle have land in Kerikeri, Pawarenga, Kaikohe, and quite a few other places. They both inherit from their parents, and there is just two of them, so there’s alot of land!! My maternal grandad, was from a prominent family with 11 brothers, and they had much land.  Most of it is leased out by contract, for so many years, so that it is used and cared for! Mum and Uncle want their children and grands to use the land when the leases are ended! David and I want our own place first, then we may look at working the land! We’ll see!!

Emmi 😉


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  1. I feel the same way about my dog Emmi:) He is like my dogie child and I love him with all my heart:) Sorry to hear your dogie child has a illness. Can dogs have garlic? i always thought that garlic was bad for dogs.maybe I am wrong:) Hope what your doing makes him better and his with you longer. Your dogs are very pretty:) Have a good tomorrow:)

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