I’ve got a crush on my Bff

Having a crush is like having a stomach ache that won’t go away. It’s a sickening feeling and no matter what you try to do ,it just keeps getting worse.. especially when your crush is your bff.
I don’t remember the exact date but it was somewhere around the first week of college. This kid had been following me around for a few days saying he needed me to help him translate one of his stories. Something about robots and world war three. Nerd alert ! But since he was begging me I agreed to help him.
So there we are sitting in the library when this kid Jeffrey comes over to us. He’s this semi popular kid in our college (only because he’s a bass guitarist in a band.) and i had been dieing to meet him. His brother had been my music teacher in high school so I tried to strike up a conversation by asking him if he had an older brother. Thats right it wasn’t ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ it was ‘hey you’re brother’s a music teacher, right?’
Turns out they’re actually cousins.
So he sits down and we start talking, Prasana puts down his book and joins the conversation.
Jeffrey’s kind of a talker so I just sit back and listen to him talk about his guitar, family , favorite movie , girl friend blah blah blah…..His jokes are cute but we’re not allowed to laugh in the library so I had to be satisfied listening to him gloat about himself. Too bad I wasn’t actually listening to him. Right beside him was this other guy. He’s Jeffrey’s best friend and the lead guitarist of their band. Doesn’t talk much and just sits there with his nose in his book. Every now and then he looks up and then back at his book.
So I politely ask him his name (though I already know 😛 )
He kind of talks like he’s got a lazy mouth. (normally that would piss me off but for him it was kinda cute).
Somehow he ends up sitting beside me and the next thing I know we’re in french class together thanks to yours truely.
Now I’ve got a couple of friends of whom six stand out. Prasana, jeffrey, veber (I would trust her with my life), anita and finally Jay (that’s just his nick name, i don’t wanna give away his real name.)
I’ve learnt that he plays the violin (though he hates it) ,piano and guitar. He hates pizza (what!?!) Is really into rihanna, eminem and Steve vai. And he’s sort of keeps to himself ever since his best friend died two years ago. The guy has no clue I’m crushin on him. It’s so hard to act all normal around him and there are just days when I want to blurt out the truth. I’m just afraid that it might strangle our friendship. Only yesterday he was telling me that I happen to be the only one with whom he feels comfortable enough to share his feelings to.
Someone told me that if I wanted to get over a crush I should just keep away from them.That isn’t so easy now that I’m in the band too. That mean practice every week end. ARRRRGGGH! Sometimes it’s just him and me working on a song or sitting on the stairs cracking dirty jokes. It’s almost like we’re best pals and here I am secretly crushing on him!
He’s not too good at french so we’re gonna be studying together tomorrow.
To crush or not to crush…that is the question.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got a crush on my Bff”

  1. You could tell him, but as you know, I’d be too shy. Maybe flirt with him so he starts liking you and tells you first? I really have no experience on the matter, I’ve never had a boyfriend. Good luck!

  2. Thanks girl. 🙂 but we’ve come too far as friends now 🙁 . hey thats okay. my sister is 20 and she’s never had a boy friend either. I’m sure he’ll come along and he’ll be worth the wait 😉

  3. Yes I would take it slow and be careful with flirting. Sometime’s boys take it the wrong way just be careful.If he really likes you it will happen:)

  4. Maria, just wow:) Thank you Sunshine, but really, I’ve never had a boyfriend, probably because I’m not really social. I’ve gotten better this year, but still. I’m still in High school, I have time:)

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