French , beetroot and a cute boy.

So it’s the day before my french exam and I sleep in until 10 am. Off to rather good start 😛 . My sister wakes me up saying that Jay is at the door waiting for me. In less than 20 minutes I’m downstairs in a pink top and red pants….not really my favorite colors. He greets me with that smile and we begin to swap stories. The whole while my heart keeps going lub dub in my throat.
It kinda hit me when we were sitting there with our french books open. We girls critically analyze situations, run things through our head a million times , etc etc etc when it comes to the guy we like when they probably don’t even know we exist.Do guys put in as much work when it comes to their crushes? hmmmm….
I know that I was told to take it slow or else I’d give the guy a heart attack but I just jumped head first.
Half way through chapter two we some how end up talking about crushes and I kinda blurt it out. Just like that.
“Jay, I’ve got a crush on you.”
Those next thirty seconds we’re the longest of my life.
I swear I almost expected him to run out screaming!
Surprisingly he did just the opposite.He said that he was happy that I’d told him and felt honored to be ‘crushed’
on by someone like me. I think I was too shocked to say anything but tried my best to be cool (which really was’nt going too well).
All of a sudden it starts raining! here in trichy of all places!!! I was so happy I just ran out to drench myself and he’s all like ‘your gonna catch a cold, get in now.’
For lunch we had beetroot (which I hate!) and he seems to like.He even suggested that I try beetroot jelly (say what!?!).
Around 6 pm he finally opened up and talked about how he felt about me. He even said that he had been thinking about me for days!!!!!
He looked like he was holding back a little and being a little shy but it’s understandable.
we hugged before he left and here I am sitting and writing about it it all like I promised. Jay if you’ll read this someday, just know that I am so thankful for someone like you in my life.You mean a lot to me.
Hope he sleeps well tonight.
bon nuit.

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