And I’ll tell you the worst part,

You’re exactly the way that I thought you would be ….. Whoooaa whoaaa, and I’d move away but I’m never ready to leave…..whoooaa whooaa.


I’m still pretty gay when it comes to my music taste, haha. I tried to write last night but had to go to work and it was erased and I was logged out by the time I got off work, sadness. Haha.


I got an offer for another promotion at my job and I’m excited! I try to tell myself to forget about you and that I deserve better than someone who has chosen the career path that you have, but I’m still stuck on you boyyyy. I love you. I hate you for that, haha. But you know that’s not true, I could never really hate you. I dream of a day when I just show up at your work, my heart pounding, my breathing sporadic. I long to see the look on your face when you recognize me…. But that’s just a child’s dream.


I wonder if I will hear from you on my birthday, I know she doesnt want you talking to me so I won’t be expecting it. It will be the first birthday in seven years that you haven’t told me…. Wow …. seven years lol. Oh, Scottie. It will be hard but I will try to ignore you if I do hear from you. And sorry, but we both know it’s for the best.

Work time! Buhbye

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