6 thoughts on “Ducks”

  1. Hey, I know nothing about American Football either: but I have long time friends who support: ‘The 49ers’ and he lives in Portland Oregon, also a girlfriend who supports The Packers! Other than cheering for them, I know nothing. Will be happy to add The Ducks to my support club! I am a ‘Rugby Union’ and a ‘Cricket’ fanatic. My dream is to spend a year following a “Cricket’ team around the world on a tour! We listen to international matches via our computer. It’s great!!

  2. Hello dear friend. Thank you for your lovely message, and for offering your support, a metaphorical ear to listen and shoulder to lean on. What a lovely person you are! Please know that I and my darling husband are fine.We got this doggy when we started Dairy Farming 15 yrs ago. He has “grown both of us,” up and bound us together in the same way children should bind parents together. We have a Tippy shaped hole in our home now, and we know that we need to be gentle with each other until the healing is completed. Meanwhile, we will cry when we need to and love each other all the more because of our shared love for this dog!.
    Thank you again, for your support!
    Emmi xxx

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