Question.  If I wrote fanfiction on here, would you guys read it?  I have an account on, but I really don’t understand how to upload it to the site.  And I don’t know how many people read the posts on this site or are interested in reading fanfiction, so I wonder if its a good idea.  I tried livejournal, but my email isn’t authentic enough, so my posts won’t go through.  Is gmail not authentic?  comment telling me what you think.

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  1. I like your enthusiasm, sunshine:) I make stories in my head, but really have trouble putting them on paper, because then I make a drastic change. I could write one shots, I guess. They’d mostly be Harry Potter themed, because I know that universe so well. And California, I still have no idea how to share my entries elsewhere. Help me techie!

  2. Hey Lunylove where is your writing and journals you were going to start writing? I want to read some and hope you will start writing soon. Have a good weekend:)

  3. Sorry, this week I actually did my homework, but I also have no idea if I should post fanfiction, because some people won’t understand the inside jokes that come with reading harry potter. I have things to do this weekend, but I’ll write something to appease you. And sprout, I’M FINE:)

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