My Roses Are In Bloom!

Hahahahaha!!! I know these are Not roses, in the pic above: but they were so pretty as I was walking by, I just bent down and “Click!” I have no problem taking a photo of any flowering plant/s, no matter who’s yard it’s in?!!

OK! Here are some photos of my blooming roses. The off white rose with the beige tones is “Gruss en Aachen” – she’s a fairly old shrub-rose, and I love her large rosette of petals, no scent but beautiful never-the-less!

The other rose is my oldest plant – and I have had her since I fell in love with roses, 14 yrs ago. This is the original plant, I just cut her branches right back when we move house, I dig all her roots up and put them in alarge plastic rubbish bag, to move her. She’s been wonderful, never-ever missing a beat: being filled with blooms every year. Even last year when I couldn’t care for my roses, they still flowered: and survived the drought! A rich deep cerise-pink, fading to dark purple when the blooms get older! I have one other climbing rose plant which I cut back hard, every year – or it will be sprawled all over the lawn! “Veilchenblau,” my tomboy rose, will climb anything. I call this my “blue” rose, because His blooms start out dark purple/blue, and as they age, they turn a blue, Blue; the colour of my David’s blue eyes, in a certain light!?? Will photograph them when all the rose buds are in bloom!

Meanwhile I only have these 3 roses: one of whom is my daughter Sonya Maree!

Emmi 🙂 

Edit: Sneaked in a pic of Bob the dog, his head is being held by my 80 yr old mum!

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  1. All are beautiful emmi and I love them:) I love to garden also its one of my passions. I post some pictures of my container flowers on my journal. You can go over and take a look if you want to:) I love your journals emmi and they are always so nice.

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