Am really pist off right now. Just saw this post on Facebook.It’s a picture of a soldier running to meet his little girl.It was beautiful and said.LIKE IF U RESPECT HIM. So I did and started going through the comments and saw this one comment that said ‘respect him for what? killing ?
At first I was like ‘Jackass you need a slap upside the head’. And I was about it say it too when I got to thinking.He’s right. Her dad is killing people out there.
So I sat down and thought about it.
Her dad really has no choice. He doesn’t really wanna kill innocent people. No one in their right mind would. Yeah, killing may not be the best option but that’s just how things are.
If there were more sensible people out there her dad wouldn’t have to be in the war. these people aren’t afraid to put everyone else life in danger for their own selfish ‘dreams’. People like this girl’s dad are really protecting them. He isn’t even fighting for his own country. He left his family, home ..everything to fight and protect strangers. Thats enough reason to respect him.I thought I’d say this to that idiot but then I was like ‘he’s too blind, why try to knock sense into an no body like him.’
What would you have done or said?

3 thoughts on “Respect”

  1. I really hate the wars that go on. We’re killing fathers and mothers and children. Maybe they hurt us, but they’re loved by someone, just like our soldiers are loved by their families. They have no right to tear families apart, and neither do we. Make love, not war:)

  2. There has been wars from the beginning of time. Sad but true children die and people die but i do wish there was a better way to end hostility and hate so we don’t have to have wars and kill people. But simply its not going to happen in our time. I do think that our freedom here is important because we are hated by so many country’s. So I think freedom is essentially to all human being’s and i think that the most important thing in a war is to fight for freedom. with that said I thank all soldiers in the US that has lost there life’s and limbs so I might be free, I would like to say thank for my freedom:) The meaning of freedom. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
    “we do have some freedom of choice”

  3. @ lunylove so true. If only certain people knew the meaning of love 🙁
    @sprout I totally agree. It’s sad that these people have to give up their freedom for ours.

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