My Boy-Dog Tippy!


He has gone! I sat with him for an hour before his daddy took him to the vet. They sent a vet nurse in her big SUV, to get both David and Tippy, (David carried him to the truck,) – and during that hour I explained again what would happen, he would go to sleep – and that mummy would see him when he awoke! He was totally ready to go!  For Huntaway dogs, the life expectancy is 13 years, less if they have had injuries. Tip was 20 days away from turning 15 yrs old! His body which 5 months ago had been intact and fit, no excess weight at all, had just fallen apart during that 5 months since we first took him to the vet. He came to me twice yesterday and I knew he wanted me to do something. I talked to David – he told me that Tip had come to him the day before – and he knew that he was asking him to do  something.

His strong legs were now riddled with arthritis.( A common affliction amongst Huntaways,) We made the appointment with the vet, yesterday. It’s been a long, long day so far – and it’s only 3.15pm.


 My David is sitting over there in the big armchair, with his dark glasses on, red-cheeked and sniffing. It just isn’t the same, preparing doggie-dinner for One! He had just opened one of his cupboards and Tippys’ dog collar, rain-jacket, and leash had fallen out on to him!

 I have told him that we need to love Ollie dog, (our other dog,) the same way that we loved Tippy. That should be easy for David, it’ll be a little more difficult for moi, but I’m sure it’ll happen. I have been preparing for this eventuality for months now!

 Goodnight my darling puppy-dog.  Mum & Dad will see you on the other-side with Trina cat and Gray-gray cat.  Love you Baa-baa!

 Mummy xxxx



It’s a funny thing, but everything that kept us bound to the Wairarapa: our farming career, Tippys’ birthplace, (northern Wairarapa,) Gray-gray and his siblings birthplace, (in the southern Wairarapa,) and 3 vehicles bought in this area, have all disappeared as though they had never existed! Even both of the farms we had worked on have been sold. There’s nothing holding us here now, so after we have healed, we will leave the Wairarapa. The cat and the dog which we have now, both came from the Taranaki….. but David wouldn’t consider a return there: so we will look to returning to the “Far North,”  where I actually come from, in the next 6 months or so!




Emmi 🙁








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  1. Oh emmi i am crying with you so,so, sorry. He was hurting and you did the right thing by taking away his pain, and like you say you will see him again. Wish you all the blessings with your move to the Far North.I would feel the same way if Sprout were sick and had to go to sleep. If you need to talk about anything at all I am here emmi:) Hugs,

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