My Blue Roses ….. “EDIT” (More Photos!)

Just putting up pics of my blue roses today. The last couple of days have been TOUGH going, but grief is just one of the facts of love, and one just has to ‘live’ through it! Neither my husband nor I, are heart-sore, just very very sad!

There’s nothing to be done about it! We miss our boy, we see the gaps around the house, which used to be filled by him….. but this is not the time to change anything, or move furniture. Things will change when we begin to heal: we know this, so we are being extremely gentle with ourselves; and kind to each other. We’re eating really simple meals…. peanut butter on toast, banana sandwiches, a boiled egg, fresh fruit salad made of fresh banana, orange slices, pineapple slices etc…. I will not cook anything which takes more energy than boiling or frying an egg will take! Thankfully, the house is reasonably tidy – and due to my chucking stuff out and minimalising the furnishings earlier this year – it’s quite simple to keep everything in order!

I know that, this too, shall pass!

Emmi 🙁

One thought on “My Blue Roses ….. “EDIT” (More Photos!)”

  1. Yes it shall pass emmi and your blue roses are beautiful. Me and my husband both love the Fall but sitting here I can’t wait to garden again it has to be my number one passion then reading and scrapbooking. Your meals sound yummy and i also love peanut butter and banana sandwich and fruit. Well have a good Friday and weekend emmi:) Hugs,

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