Benefit cheats

Ok so I understand that we need to help those who are less fortunate and that we should help members in the community who are stuggling…

But having just watched a documentary called “On Benefits & Proud” I am sahmed to be called British….these people blantly tell the camera man that they earn more on benefits than they would working…one woman actaully had the audacity to say if you can find me a job that afyer paying al my bills and expenses leaves me with £500 in my pocket the I will gladly work…

The cheek I mean what’s wrong with stacking shelves she has some front demanding more than most middle class receive…..I mean there was another woman who has 11 kids and was hoing to be rehousdd in a half a million new build…which fell flat due to all the disastifaction voiced by angry tax payers…she lost the property but, guess what the council are knocking the wall into her seconf home next door ( yes she has two houses) and she doesn’t foot the bill the tax paying constituents of her borough do.



I am sorry if I sound like a hater…it’s just that people can make a change in their life…they can find work..granted it may not be the most glamorous of jobs but, at least it’s honorable work…u no longer rely on the state..the real question is has the government created a generation of benefit addicts by giving too much …and by making drastic cuts to the welfare systems are they really helping or just contributing to the snowball affect…becuase a ting managable snow ball is  fast sweeoung then country into a country thats gived more to those on benefits tjan those who choose to worl and budget to make end meet.


Reply pls  wud luv feeback.

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