25 things I’m grateful for today 20131117

1. I got to play tennis today, with my cousin and my best friend.

2. I realized that the reason I struggle with social relationships is because I don’t believe in my self, and that is projected outwards.

3. I consequently realized that I got to set up goals where there’s a good chance I will fail, and that will help me grow as a person.

4. I had a chance to talk for the better part of an hour with my parents.

5. I didn’t eat anything unhealthy nor I did eat more than I should.

6. I saw an inspiring movie.

7. I did my laundry jaja

8. I advanced on my homework today, economics is fun.

9. I did personal development, as I promised myself.

10. I learned about the mechanics of a car’s cooling system.

11. I listened to the possibly smoothest song I’ve ever heard (La Bikina).

12. I’m about to have a very delicious dinner!

13. I remember how much value I give to my friends, and let them know about it.

14. I had a very good amount of funny experiences today, I allowed myself to laugh at myself.

15. My parents are both alive, healthy and happy.

16. I ask my parents for guidance, which I intend to follow through.

17. I practiced more German today, finally I’m getting a grasp of it!

18. I swept my whole apartment.

19. I look and I’m alive and healthy, and sexy.

20. My brothers are enjoying themselves and their friends.

21. I reaffirmed myself my values and my goals for the next 365 days.

22. I’m devising a plan on achieving all my goals for the remainder of the month.

23. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the internet (I intend on virtually disconnecting myself from purposeless tasks).

24. I followed on my downline.

25. This is the first day I do remember to give thanks for at least 25 things I’m grateful for =) .

and I’m obviously and most importantly grateful for living in America!

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  1. I think also its pretty neat to be thankful for things and what you have:)

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