Life Lesson’s- #1

Events Reveal People’s Characters; They don’t Determine Them.

Not everyone with divorced parents has terrible relationships. If two people are hit by a bus and crippled for life, one will become a bitter shut-in; the other,the kind of warm, outgoing person( cheerful despite everything) whom everyone loves to be with. It’s not about the bus, and a dreadful childhood is no excuse. you have the chance to be the person you wish to be, until you die.

3 thoughts on “Life Lesson’s- #1”

  1. Will be back tomorrow with number 2 in life’s lessons:)

  2. That’s true, but the kind of childhood you had is a factor in your personality. It may not be the sole reason, but you have to take that into account. Also, some people feel no one would care if they changed their attitude, so they stay bitter, to avoid more pain. Be nice to people, or they’ll end up like Severus Snape and Ebenezer Scrooge:)

  3. My parents were married for 42 years and my Dad died sudden of a heart attack when i was 15.And my mom died sudden 12 years later. Your right we all should be nice to people:) so I don’t come from divorced parents. I think its choices we all have choices:)

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