25 things I must give thanks to 20131118

1. First day that I go through all my goals!

2. I completed my challenge, it was pretty eventful, I enjoyed myself.

3. I made sure at least a dozen random people smiled.

4. I’m feeling ready for my last round of midterms for this semester.

5. It feels great to have a sense of order in my personal and business life.

6. I haven’t put a penalty mark on my personal value of the week: INDUSTRY. It’s great to feel busy!

7. I talked with a girl I just met about her dreams, that’s deep right there.

8. Again I didn’t break diet!

9. I stuck to my schedule and did today’s share of my homework.

10. My apartment feels alive again, roomies, welcome back!

11. I had a productive session of planning and reviewing with my business partner.

12. I did my personal development of the day.

13. I ran all the miles I had to run, felt exhausted and ready to pass out.

14. I had a brief but important call with my parents, I can’t ask for more!

15. Another day being a Marine, whenever I think I haven’t achieved anything in life, I remember I stuck to my promise of becoming a Marine.

16. I had plenty of chances to laugh and I didn’t let any chance down.

17. I advanced on my studies of German language.

18. I’m about to have a bountiful dinner.

19. I exercised my brain.

20. I delivered all my applications.

21. I learned a little bit more about classical music.

22. I greeted all my neighbors.

23. Arsenal players are almost back to full strength.

24. The weather was just awesome enough to use my bike.

25. I have 25 things for which I must be thankful, remembering at least 25 things that made my day fruitful is freaking hard! jaja


2 thoughts on “25 things I must give thanks to 20131118”

  1. i have a thankful journal on facebook. And everyday I put down something i am thankful for. it does help the soul:)

  2. Yes, it is! Makes us realize what we really care about, and to think about the little things in our days!

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