I Quit Smoking 2 Months Ago

there’s a big drawback…ever since I quit smoking I have been eating & can’t get enough. All I wanna do is eat. At this rate I am going to get FAT. I’m always hungry & I eat often. I’ve already ate all my food for this week. I just ate & already want more food. Now I’m ex-smoker with an eating disorder. Always & forever hungry. 

5 thoughts on “I Quit Smoking 2 Months Ago”

  1. I hear you. I kind of quit smoking (smoke occasionally, used to smoke a half pack a day) and feel like I have gained weight ever since then. So I decided to put my energy for working out instead of eating 🙂

  2. I’m proud of all of you!:) I understand the appeal of drinking, but smoking baffles me. There is a girls bathroom in the center of my school that constantly reeks of smoke. I may never smoke, but I may get cancer from smoke inhalation!

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