My Life,My World

While I attempt to keep this journal positive & upbeat,I am not implying I live a cushy plush existence.  I don’t. Allow me to get this out of the way. My husband,10 years older than me,is a rageaholic & an an alcoholic. He rages at my sons & me daily. He now has high blood pressure from his daily rages,but he rages on. He’s a heartless,cruel man,overflowing with hate for my sons & me. We’d leave forever,but have no money & no place to go. Its fine when my husband is at work. My sons are 16 & 20. They are busy getting their educations. I am wasting my life on the internet.  Enough negatives,huh? YEAH

3 thoughts on “My Life,My World”

  1. So sorry to hear this misty. I was in a relationship for 8 years with a alcoholic and I didn’t have any kids thank god but finely had enough and left that was 25 years ago. And now I have been married 8 years to my soulmate,best friend, and the most wonderful man I have ever know. We are here for you misty and hope we can help some small way to make things a little better:)

  2. I’m sorry to hear how rough your life is, misty:( Don’t worry, I am here! My purpose in life is to cheer people up when they feel all hope is lost:)

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