why change… why????

why cant i be happy? The father of my child was the love of my life. I fell for him as soon i seen him. And 7 years later we have a three year old son and a house… we use to be so inlove then he cheated and everything changed. Its hard for mr to trust him and now he is starting to be even more of an ass. Yesterday he told me that our relationship wasn’t 50/50 like its suppose to be but it was GONNA BE 100/0. 100 % him and his way and that i was gonna do what he wanted…. I dont know what i should do? My heart says “Stay and maybe things will change?!?!” but my head says “RUN LIKE HELL GIRL, HE’S NEVER GONNA CHANGE, HE WILL ALWAYS BE THE PERSON THAT CHATED ON YOU AND TREATS YOU LIKE CRAP. NEVER THE PERSON YOU FELL INLOVE WITH…”

2 thoughts on “why change… why????”

  1. You need to get professorial help for your relationship and for the safety of your little boy.You do not want to stay if he gets violent and starts hurting you or your little boy. If you think you can sit down and have a talk with him about your feelings without him getting violent then do so. And tell him how you feel. Also if you have a close and trusted friend you can relay on then talk to them also about what is going on so if something should happen you have some backup:) Ask him if this was love or emotions when he started the relationship. I hope this helped in some way and hope it works it’s self out for the best for you and your son:)

  2. hes not violent but he uses words to hurt me.. i really have tried everything to make this work. He is doing the same thing as last time says hes done and then i find out he was cheating.. so i have to be strong and move on not just for me but for my son. He deserves the best and his dad is never gonna be able to be what i need him to be….. faithful, loving, trust worthy, and he will be these things for a while but the same old person same old butt hole always comes back out.

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