25 things I’m grateful for 20131120

1. I did wonderfully at my tests.

2. I had a video-conference with my parents.

3. I had plenty of chances to laugh.

4. I had to opportunity to treat others good and be returned the favor.

5. I had an Everyday Value Slam, discounted price.

6. I kept in touch with wonderful people.

7. I seized the chance to develop my speaking skills.

8. I saw plenty of beautiful girls today.

9. I saw a very beautiful girl today, again, that I will ask out.

10. I’m polishing my communicative skills.

11. I reaffirmed my short, medium and long term goals for the remainder of my year.

12. My mother and I have been keeping up with our daily challenges.

13. I have had the patience and determination to follow through even when I was convinced I would fail.

14. I did personal development today, and it hit me wonderfully.

15. I strengthened my conviction that in order to attract the right people, I got to behave like the person I want to become, my ideal me.

16. I remembered what I’m working for, service to my peers.

17. I’m reinforcing my relationships with the people I care about.

18. The Mexico’s Natl. Soccer Team qualified for next year’s World Cup.

19. I think I pointed out a lot of personality flaws I got to work out and correct.

20. I have the time and energy to do exercise.

21. I had very bountiful meals today.

22. I practiced some more German.

23. My parents are healthy and happy.

24. Zero-based thinking has helped me realize I got to drop things and friendship that, sadly, are holding me down.

25. I’m fucking happy!


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