Life is a crazy ride…

Ive been through alot 7 years worth of crap. I know i need to let go but its so hard. After you’ve been with someone for so long, its hard to function without them. You wake up to them every morning, go to sleep with them every night… And I know it stops hurting after awhile but why can’t my heart listen to my head…. “he’s no good for me, he only thinks about his self…” Im in the process of moving on it’s just gonna take some time, friends, family & God! It hurts even more knowing he’s out there “having fun” while im crying over him(and i dont know why?! there has been more bad than good.. but ive always gave 100% so i know i can say that…) and everyone says he will come back like the last times but i have to say NO… and move on that is whats best… because his father and brother are the same way/ have no respect for women && hes never gonna change. Im stoping that cycle, i do not want my son to put any girl through what the men on his dads side put women through and of course i dont want my son to be hurt either… My son is my life and i have to make his the best i can & i will!!!

7 thoughts on “Life is a crazy ride…”

  1. Some men control not all men. You both are young yet and have a lot of life and relationships ahead. I believe there is a special soulmate out there for each and every one of us. I found mine at the age of 50 and will be 59 in December. I have been married for 8 years now and can say that is a fact. And never been happier then I am now in my marriage. Also I have had about six relationships in my life time and all have been base on emotions not love. I will have to say this again. If he or she love’s you from the heart he will not treat you like that. He will want the best in all things for you and you for him. Sorry I rant about this but I have lived a long life so far and I have had experiences with this. So what i am trying to say is that i hope you will have a long life god willing to live and have experiences with relationships and I do hope that you will fine true love though these relationships.Like I have found:)

  2. Pretty much going through the same thing sometimes I cry myself to sleep and other times Im glad I had the courage to walk away but it’s hard when u know you know you have done your best and the other person treats you like you don’t mean anything to them. I had to pray ask God to take away my sadness and help me to move on without looking back and so now I’m feeling more content.

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