Popped up at 2 AM….

so my x shows up messed up at the door at 2:30 am. and slept on my couch im trying to move on why wont he stay away… he slept on the couch and didnt talk much just passed out… i wanted him to say sorry baby i will change i want our family back! and him mean it but no come to find out he just got done hangin out with some girl… i love him so much its so hard.. i can’t eat i havent in 3 days now im just disgusted with everything and when it come to sleep i wake up all through the night… im so use to him there.. and when i think about him out there with someone and having fun while im at home sick over him it kills me inside but i stay strong on the outside for my son… and for everyone who comments on my stuff im thankful for all the encouraging words of advice and wisdom :)!

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